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Friday, July 9, 2010

Bad Moon Rising

Kenyon heats it up again in her latest book from the Dark-Hunter series, Bad Moon Rising. This book leaves you panting, pulsating and breathless on practically every page. I love the way it lets you reminisce on days gone by from other books while still sounding fresh and without leaving you feeling like, "oh, I've already heard that."
Fang Kattalakis, a shape-shifting wolf (by the way Fang, I think I might be in heat) has only two people...er...wolves that he can trust: his littermates, Vane and Anya. Due to a long-standing fight between their parents, Markus, their father has a seething hatred towards them. Well, except for Anya; and it's only her love of her brothers that has kept them safe from their fathers wrath thus far. When a chain of events brings a Daimon attack on their pack and Anya is killed its no-holds-barred revenge on Fang and Vane from Markus, who happens to have ulterrior motives (don't all bad guys though) for wanting their demise. However, things don't turn out the way Markus had hoped/planned/bargained for and they......read the book
Aimee is the darling of the Peltier bear clan. The only female in a litter of what seems like a dirty dozen, dripping with testosterone and sex-appeal
Oh Hell!!!..........there's a crisis that demands my attention. I will return later, (soon,I hope).

Ok, I'm back. And now for the rest of the story...
Aimee is the Peltier boys' excuse for mangling any unwary fool who happens to get too close to her. They are more than protective of her, and even have a coffin at Sanctuary; the Bar they run that is actually a safe haven for all those that are more than human: Dark-Hunters, Daimons, Apolites, gods, goddesses, and whatever else happens to need a safe place to stay for the moment. The main rule at Sanctuary is "Come in peace or leave in peices," and that's not just a cute saying, it's the absolute truth. I don't know about any of you, but it really pisses me off that Sherrilyn Kenyon's brain isn't bigger because I really want to rent a room there. And now Mama Lo (Mama Bear Peltier) is trying to get Aimee mated to someone from one of the other bear-clans because she's in heat, but Aimee is having none of it. She only feels heat for a wolf, and that could get them both killed. So they sneak around to make out, while all kinds of hell breaks loose around them. Wren, a tigard that Mama Lo raised but hates is kicked out of Sanctuary and has a death order hanging over his head for something he didn't do, and when he comes back to exact his revenge Vane and Fury (another brother) show up and offer their support to him. Fang takes Aimee and they all disappear. Now things really get interesting...

I fear that if I continue to write about all of the things that I love and that were absolutely wonderful and worthy of a Kenyon book I will tell everything and you won't need to buy the book. For those of you that are already Kenyon fans, you will not be disappointed with this book. For those of you that are new to her, you will become (like myself & so many others ) die hard fan as well. I'm a huge fan of all things Greek and when I stumbled on a book called The Dream-Hunter (I believe it's 11th into the series) I was so hooked that I went on a hunt for all of them. I went through them lightening fast, and always eagerly await the next release. Sometimes in front of the bookstore with drool sliding unatractively out of the side of my mouth.


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