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Sunday, July 11, 2010

New to me: Longtime writer, Christina Dodd

Ive recently been introduced to longtime writer, Christina Dodd and I'm very impressed with what I've read so far...
The Chosen Ones series: books about abandoned children that have been given gifts. Depending on the people that find and rescue these Abandoned Ones, they either become Chosen Ones, who fight on the side of good, or the Others, who fight on the side of evil. These books are well written, interesting, and very exciting. I will give you more information on this wonderful writer as I'm able. In the mean time, I would highly recommend any one of her many books. You can find her @
I know I'm doing this backwards, but with me that's nothing new. I've just started to read the Darkness Chosen series that leads into the Chosen Ones series. I'm really excited to begin digging into these books. I'll keep you posted with the thrilling outcome...

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