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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dark-Hunter series / Fantasy Lover

This is a great book! The first in Sherrilyn Kenyon's D-H series and it definitely leaves you hungry to read the rest of them.
Julian is the son of Aphrodite, the goddess of Love, but his father was a human from Sparta. His brother Priapus, in a jealous and hateful rage, curses Julian to spend his life in a scroll/book as a sex-slave to whoever should call him forth. When he's not at the mercy of his current master he is stuck inside the absolute blackest darkness imaginable; a darkness that suffocates.
Grace Alexander is a therapist who is single and afraid of romance because of a terrible experience that left her broken. Her best friend, Selena, a very ecentric tarot card reader in Jackson square, convinces her on the evening of her birthday, after a few drinks, to call up the god from the book.
Thinking it's a rediculous idea, and nowhere even close to reality, she plays this silly game to pacify her bff. Only she gets the surprise of her life when he actually shows up, naked, dripping with testosterone, and completely gorgeous. Unlike every other person that's called him up from the book for the past two thousand years (give or take) she refuses to have sex with him because, well...respectable women just don't do that, and she insists that he wear clothes. Since he came sans ropa she takes him out shopping after having borrowed shorts and a T from Selena's husband Bill (the straight-laced lawyer) who's not quite as large, in every possible way *wink, wink*. While out shopping he is ogled by everyone he passes, practically causing a stampede, and although she doesn't want to be, Grace is a little jealous.
They have one month together, and in that month Julian learns to fall in love with a woman that doesn't see him as an object, and Grace learns to fall in love with a man who is unlike anyone she's ever known.
The twists and turns are wonderful and Kenyon really knows how to pull you into the story, making you see what she's saying. A definite must read.

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